Introducing: Milla Rose Borsanyi • 18yrs 5.10
Scouted by: Jason Otto in Newport Beach
Signed with: IMG Models Worldwide
Mother Agency: Otto Models


Milla Rose Borsanyi was raised in Newport Beach her entire life and practically lives at the beach playing volleyball and surfing. She loves tennis, the outdoors and hanging out with her friends like any other high school girl.

Milla was scouted by Jason Otto several times, the 3rd time was the charm! Milla’s parents finally allowed her to embark on a modeling career. Not long after, a simple set of digitals were taken of Milla by Tereza Otto at the agency. Tereza then submitted Milla to IMG Models for representation. Soon after meeting with IMG, the agency signed her to a worldwide contract in LA, NY, MILAN, LONDON, PARIS and SYDNEY.

Already well traveled from spending summers with family in Europe and having ancestors in Hungary and Ireland, Milla is now destined to travel the world and make a name for herself as a Supermodel.

It is with great pleasure as Mother Agency to introduce Milla to the modeling industry after recognizing her amazing potential that agencies search the world for.

We will keep you up to date in this Blog on her future endeavors and campaigns as Milla’s story unfolds…..


Img Models, Los Angeles, New York, Milan, London, Paris, Sydney

Milla Borsanyi, Beauty Model